8 mind-blowing things you didn't know about Olympic gold medals

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images The gold medal is the top prize given in Olympic competitions — and everything about them is fascinating. They take two days to make and cost $501. 2,952 athletes will compete for a total of 102 different medals in 15 disciplines at this year's Pyeongchang games. Here are eight facts about Olympic gold medals you may have not known.   Samantha Lee/INSIDER Sign up here to get INSIDER's favorite stories straight to your inbox. NOW WATCH: Here's what might happen if North Korea launched a nuclear weaponSee Also:I tried to eat like an Olympic athlete for a day — but I couldn't even come close to consuming all those caloriesNorth Korea has a state-trained cheerleading squad of 200 women — and they just arrived in Pyeongchang in matching red coatsAn Olympic gold medalist says people criticized her body after she quit gymnastics and called her fat